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Window Treatments: 5 Mistakes that Could Devalue Your Home

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The right window treatment can make a huge difference in the way a room looks and feels. Window treatments can visually change the size, shape and ambience of a room or area and the right ones can even add value to your home. Here are 5 window treatments boo boos that devalue your house and take away from its aesthetic appeal:

1. Flat and boring?

Try shapes. A common window treatments boo boo is one that puts too much emphasis on simplicity without imagination. A basic curtain or blinds can be a lovely addition to a room but only when the rest of the elements are more colourful or intricate. This provides much needed balance that many homeowners and designers often overlook.

2. Cutesy and outdated treatments that were all the rage when you were still in grade school

Individuality is an important factor in design and does, in fact, show character. While a unique take on window treatments can make a room shine with plenty of personality, it does not always work. Avoid colours, patterns and designs that scream ‘kids’ room’ or ‘teenager’s nook’ – that is, unless you yourself are one. Look for a window treatment that is more age-appropriate, something that reflects your taste and character. Although you should not be afraid to experiment, try to find something that shows your style and defines your taste.

3. Celebrating blandness

Stuck on beige and greys? While these colours (and several others like them) are safe choices particularly for beginner or inexperienced homeowners and designers, they too, can get boring. Earthy colours are wonderful for bringing a homey, friendly feel to a room or area but keep in mind that too much of something is not always good. It is true that bland, pale or neutral colours can work marvelously for some rooms but check to see how well it works in yours. If it does not excite you or make you feel at home, you might want to change it.

4. Using the wrong size for patterns and designs

Another common window treatment boo boo that will devalue your home is one that uses patterns and designs that clash with the rest of the room. If you must use a certain pattern or design, make sure it works with the other elements in the room such as existing furniture, carpets, rugs and fixtures. Try to consider the size of the patterns relative to the room. Keep in mind that large, bold prints can overwhelm a small area while small ones can look too ‘busy’ and unappealing.

5. Not using any

A rare yet possible window treatment boo boo is one where no treatment is used. Bare windows look stunning, particularly when the windows themselves are beautifully made and well maintained. This type of minimalism does work all the time, though. Do not waste the potential for limitless design ideas for your home. There are numerous ways you can add value to your property using affordable window treatments, so shop around.

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