Child Safety

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shutterstock_176304086At Accent, Child Safety is our highest priority.

Safety tags and devices are incorporated into the packaging and installation of our products to ensure your family is safe from loose curtain and blind cord. Our window applications are compliant with the latest Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Child Safety Regulations. When choosing our products you will have peace of mind knowing that all our products are manufactured and installed ensuring they can be operated in a safe manner.

At Accent we have child safety in mind and fit your blinds and curtains with your child as our highest priority, however the following four simple steps will ensure safety in your home, particularly with children under the age of six.

1. Check your blind and curtain cords to make sure that they have warning labels to remind you of dangers to children.
2. Provide a way to secure your cords and chains so that there are no loose cords or loops that your child can reach.
3. Ensure that your product has been installed with child safety compliant devices.
4. Move away any furniture that children might be able to climb onto to reach loose cords.

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