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Roller Blinds Sydney

Accent Blinds roller blinds are made using the best fabrics and components available in Australia. 

They enhance your living spaces while offering unmatched versatility and performance.

Our roller blinds are available in a wide range of premium colours, patterns and textures. Our collection will complement any decor style.

Roller blinds add a nice modern effect to your home or office and are a practical answer to covering windows. Available in a variety of combinations, your choices range from chain control and ‘one-touch’ operation to motorisation for either Remote Wireless operation or control by Home Automation.

Manage Heat and Light Efficiently

Our roller blinds aren’t just about looks – they’re practical too. Roll them up to let natural light in and create a cosy atmosphere. Roll them down to keep the heat out, maintain privacy, and block excess light. By managing heat and light well, roller blinds can help you save energy and cut down on power bills.

Easy Customisation

At Accent Blinds, we offer a variety of roller blinds to match your style and home and office decor. We have blackout, translucent, or sunscreen fabrics, each with its advantages. Blackout roller blinds are especially popular for blocking light, controlling temperature, and reducing noise, making your living experience in Sydney even better.

Translucent (or light filtering) roller blinds gently filter light and heat during the day. These modern & sleek designs also provide night time privacy.

Whilst providing great visibility to the outside, sunscreen roller blind materials are the perfect barrier against our harsh Australian climate. Suited to both high-end commercial and residential applications, they provide substantial thermal comfort benefits by significantly reducing heat transmittance. A cooler interior space ensures energy cost savings along with protection for your floors and furnishings.

Double Roller Blinds

Offering the best of both worlds, our double roller blinds feature two layers of fabric in one sleek system. With this innovative design, you can easily switch between different levels of light control and privacy to suit your needs throughout the day. 

  • The outer layer of our double roller blinds typically consists of a blackout fabric, providing maximum privacy and light control when fully lowered. 
  • The inner layer can be customised with a sheer or translucent fabric, which lets in some light while still giving you privacy.

Using the latest colours and styles for an elegant look, we will ensure you have the required sun protection with the added benefit of privacy.

Motorised Blinds powered by Somfy 

Motorised blinds are extremely modern and convenient. We carry different options open to those looking to control blinds and shades remotely ensuring there is an option for everyone. One of the best things about them is that you can automate their movement by timings through WIFI accessories compatible with the latest voice assistance, such as Google, Alexa & Siri.

These types of blinds are incredibly versatile. Whether you need to control blinds in tricky spots or want to schedule their movement, these blinds have you covered. Plus, with Battery Motors that stay charged for up to 9 months, maintenance is easy. 

Cassette Roller Blind System


Introducing our latest innovation: the Cassette Roller Blind System. This modern design hides the blind in a stylish head box and side profiles, keeping light out and adding privacy. It’s perfect for rooms like media rooms, home cinemas, boardrooms, and bedrooms, improving both the look and function of your home or office.

With the Cassette Roller Blind System, you can choose from three standard head boxes and side channel colours (White, Black, and Silver). You can even powder-coat them if you want. 

And with a range of blackout-type fabrics available, you can find the right balance of style and light control for your home or office.

Why Choose Roller Blinds from Accent Blinds?


Fashionable fabric options

Equipped with child-safe operation system

Easy to maintain

Locally made and high quality to endure Australian summers and winters

Tailored to Your Needs

At Accent Blinds, we understand that every home is unique. That’s why we offer made-to-measure roller blinds that are custom-fitted to your windows for a seamless and professional installation. Our experienced team will work closely with you to find the perfect solution for your home or office, ensuring a flawless finish every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accent Blinds can supply and install affordable roller blinds without compromising on quality and style. They’re often one of the most budget-friendly choices for covering windows and doors. But remember, it’s essential to consider your specific needs. For personalised advice, talk to one of our friendly consultants at Accent Blinds.

The durability of roller blinds depends on how well they’re made. At Accent Blinds, we use high-quality materials to ensure our roller blinds last a long time.

Roller blinds are easy to use. They have a tube at the top where the fabric is rolled around. You can roll them up or down using a cord, chain, or if motorised, a remote control. When you roll them up, the fabric rolls around the tube, letting light in. When you roll them down, the fabric unrolls, giving you privacy and blocking out light.

To remove dust: GENTLY clean with a feather duster, or GENTLY vacuum with a soft brush attachment. Please refer to the fabric’s recommended cleaning instructions BEFORE attempting to spot clean.