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Straight Drop Awnings

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Straight Drop Awnings

Accent Blinds Straight Drop Awnings are made using the best fabrics and components available.

Our Straight Drop Awnings let you use your patio when the weather’s not what you expected. Imagine sitting down to a wonderful barbeque dinner, and the fickle Sydney weather changes – a few drops of rain and the wind picks up. Instead of shifting the whole setup, simply lower your Straight Drop Awnings and keep the worst of the weather at bay, while still enjoying the view and freshness of eating outdoors. Accent Blinds has a full range of Straight Drop Awnings – we measure and install the blinds to exactly fit your requirements, with tie-downs and panel zips ready to go when the weather changes. Our Straight Drop Awnings can be made from various materials, including PVC. Straight Drop Awning manufactured using PVC Mesh (often called Cafe Blinds) will provide a sleek look and allow visibility so you can enjoy your garden or view. Our PVC mesh awnings can be custom fitted. We offer fire rated options to meet commercial building codes. The other common option for Cafe Blinds, is clear or tinted PVC material. Whilst this type of material looks great as it’s completely transparent, there are a few issues with the material. Most of these issues occur due to the damage from direct Sunlight. Issues relating to PVC clear, transparent material include: • Warping of the material • Up to 20% Shrinkage of the fabric, causing ripples and puckering. • discolouration • prone to visible marks and scratches Due to these issues, Accent Blinds do not sell clear PVC Cafe Blinds. However, we do sell Outdoor PVC Mesh Cafe Blinds. We are happy to discuss other options with you, or provide details of other companies who manufacture the clear PVC style of Blinds. Email us at