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Over the years, Accent Blind’s security measures in homes have evolved to become the stylish and streamlined products that are on offer today.

The favoured method for securing doors and windows is an aluminium frame combined with a screen, which allows for a high level of visibility and airflow while maintaining a secure home, without feeling locked in. Stainless steel mesh would be recognised as the premium product, popular because it can withstand forced entry attempts while also allowing a clear and unobstructed view of the outdoors. Alternatives such as diamond grille screen and perforated aluminium sheet can also be useful for security or barrier purposes, depending on the level of protection or visual deterrent required, at a more budget conscious price point.

Accent Blinds products are custom built in Australia and made to measure to your exact specifications. With Accent’s doors and windows, choosing a colour to match existing door or window frames from our extensive range of standard colours is easy. If a matching colour isn’t available, contrasting colours can also be an attractive choice, or a non-standard powder coat colour option may also available.

Door and window screens are made using high quality components and hardware, including Lockwood® locking systems, and great care is taken during manufacture and assembly to ensure an A-grade finished product.

Extensive testing has been undertaken and all security rated products in the Accent’s Screens have surpassed expectations and comply with relevant Australian Standards.


At Accent child safety is our highest priority, when choosing our products you will have peace of mind knowing that all our products are manufactured and installed ensuring they can me operated in a safe manner.


We understand that when you buy blinds you’re not only trying to create privacy or keep the sun out, ultimately you’re adding value to your home. That’s why our sales consultants are always focused on adding value for our customers.


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