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Warm your style

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Written By: Revona Grice

Warm your style

AS the colder months set in, be inspired to dress your house in knits, fleece and FAUX fur, bring the warmth in by furnishing your home with some inspired looks, it’s time to say goodbye to fresh flowers and all things summer and hello to warmth and sweet smelling candles.

Reality star turned Fashion designer Whitney Port has opened up her home to Popsugar to see what it’s like behind the designers closed door, fleece and faux fur throws are perfect as the air starts to get colder, her style (shown below) of mismatched knitted, woollen and fleece throws are perfect, not just to add a splash of colour and warmth.

Sometimes a little décor can go a long way, how often do you visit a family or friends home and think how perfectly styled their rooms are, to add that extra wow factor to a room why not place a throw on the edge of a bed, chair or couch and complete the look.

Be Inspired by Kardashian Mum,  Kris Jenner’s bedroom.

The continuous home trend of carpets or rugs in the bedroom and living areas to trap out the cold air from the floor will forever be the key to minimise winter in a home.

Don’t be afraid to layer a rug over your carpet, Canadian born Interior designer Danielle Oakey demonstrates in both images and suggests that

 “It adds playfulness, and pulls together your room with the boundaries it needs.”

Read more about Area Rugs from Good Housekeeping.

I love the addition of a rug in the bathroom that doesn’t look like your standard bath mat; from Persian rugs to woollen carpet; however this trend is more popular in colder climates like London and Canada where this look can be kept all year round.

Another simple way to take your home from summer to winter is to add a few candles around the place; why not incorporate Pantone’s 2014 colour palette into candles and into your home, if you’ve been wanting to try and use radiant orchid in your home but worried about the bold shade, a candle, pillow or throw would sure compliment any living area.

Below is what I would need for a perfect winters night, all these work great together, of course the choice of book or movie is up to you.