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Venetian Blinds versus Curtains

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There are a lot of ways to jazz up and accessorize windows to increase the value of your homes and at the same time, enhance their overall look for aesthetic purposes. When it comes to choosing the right window treatment for your windows, the options are close to being endless! You can use curtains, drapes, shutters, shades and blinds in a variety of shapes, fabrics, textures and color scheme. The list can go on and on since there are so many choices these days. Before we get overwhelmed by too many options, let’s narrow it down to a simple debate whether you should go for blinds over curtains.

We’ll look at one of the most popular blinds in the market today which is the venetian blinds for this discussion. These are a type of window blinds with slats arranged horizontally in rows. It is usually made of different materials like aluminum, vinyl, and wood of different textures and finishes. These slats are overlapping and are strung one beneath another. A lift cord is also attached to give the option of lifting the blinds up for a wide open view of the outside or pull them down to ensure privacy or letting the right amount of light in.

Curtains, the classic and traditional ornamental window treatment made from fabrics and garments, have many purposes aside from making the interiors looking beautiful and stylish. One of these purposes is protection against overexposure to sun. It practically protects furniture and any interior pieces from fading and warping. You can also allow light to come through the room depending on the thinness, thickness and opaqueness of curtains.

While it’s true that curtains can block a tremendous amount of sunlight from coming through a room to avoid sun damage, they can’t control them. Venetian blinds were made with slats that can definitely be adjusted to filter the right amount of light inside the room depending on your choice of ambiance. The slats are tied and connected together by a string or a cord that can be used to allow or block the light from outside in varying degrees.

Venetian blinds and all blinds in general have commonly been used in offices and workplaces because they require maintenance at a minimum – the very same reason why they now gained popularity in homes front and why many homeowners prefer them. Cleaning venetian blinds are very easy and simple. You can get a static duster, take a piece of cloth with any cleaning agent of your choice or use a vacuum cleaner to remove its dust and grime. As for curtains, they definitely require a constant run down with a washing machine or a regular trip to the Laundromat to be kept clean and dust free. Just imagine your curtains being heavy because of all its fabric and lace layering, they may not even fit your washing machine. Having them professionally cleaned on the other hand would be very costly. You also need to take off all the curtains from the rods and putting them back on once they’re cleaned. Talk about time consumption!

These are just some of the features and benefits of venetian blinds over traditional curtains. The versatility of venetian blinds makes them an ideal choice and a great addition to any window like no other.