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Top Ideas for Making the Most Out of Window Shutters

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Current trends are proving that window shutters are not only designed for the exterior of your home, but with an entire range devoted to a home’s interior, your options are endless. Shutters help protect windows on the exterior and look fantastic on the interior.

A few examples of today’s shutters include:

While it’s still common for people to shop in a store or visit a manufacturer’s showroom, these days many people opt to shop for shutter blinds online, for the sake of convenience and to have ideas right at their fingertips.

Let’s look at some cool ideas for window shutters and how they can really give your home more of the wow factor.

Shutters Don’t Have To Be On the Windows Only

Of course, the usual practice is to have shutters installed on your windows, whether it’s for the interior of exterior of the house, but you’re not limited to that.

One way to add a feature to your home is to install a plantation or timber shutter in an open room or doorway to create an individual room or to close off an existing space. Choose from a bi fold, sliding, or standard operating system.  Or, bring your personal ideas to us!  We aim to go beyond the impossible to assist our customers.  Search for window shutters online for some ideas.

For the eccentric out there, you could mount the shutters on the walls in your living room or feature wall as a kind of showpiece. You could even decorate the slats of the shutters with some natural or artificial plants and other decorations.

There really are quite a few nifty things you can do with exterior and interior window shutters other than (or as well as) using them on your windows.

The Advantages of Exterior Window Shutters

Exterior window shutters will add a layer of protection from the weather, along with a security boost. People who live in areas of harsh sun, high winds and damaging thunderstorms would be wise to have aluminium shutters installed on their home’s exterior. In the event of bad weather, simply close the shutters up and latch them to protect the glass on your window and doors. We also supply Cyclone rated Aluminium external shutters which are necessary for those high rise properties be it an office or residential space.

The finish look of our Australian made Aluminium external/internal shutters is both stylish and elegant.  It will certainly add value and appeal to your home. Many of us spend time and money decorating the home’s interior, but it’s also important not to neglect the appearance of the exterior.

Use Sliding Shutters for Balcony and Patio Doors

Shutters are not always fixed or work on a swinging mechanism. They can slide on tracks just like panel glide blinds and other forms of window coverings. Instead of using vertical blinds or curtains on your sliding glass doors, really spruce them up with either timber or aluminium shutters which can glide open and closed effortlessly.

Like all shutters, you can adjust the blades to let in as little or as much light and breeze as you like. This style and appearance of this window shutter is first class.

To really make the most of window shutters, internally and externally, book an appointment or just call in to one of our showrooms to discuss your requirements with one of experienced team members. We can guide you on ideas for your home to ensure they fit and look perfect.

A little imagination can go a long way, and shutters really do offer some amazing decorating ideas.