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Take the inside outside

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Alfresco and entertaining areas have become more and more interior focused, no longer do we opt for garden chairs and tables but we will see couches, curtains and decor outside to create that homely feel all while you enjoy the fresh air.


Here are the top 5 things you need, to pull off alfresco and outdoor entertainment living.

1. A good couch or two or three

Who’s tired of sitting on uncomfortable chairs outside? Why not indulge and relax in comfortable seating, some cushions and comfortable padding means you can spend more time outdoors, reading a book or reading our blogs. Don’t just opt for one couch, mix and match patterns and designs.

2. Protection from Earth, Wind and Sun

The idea of being outdoors and being completely relaxed would make anyone happy, but we need to protect ourselves from harsh elements such as the sun. If you find yourself without shelter over your outdoor living space invest in an Awning, they come in a variety of modern colours and designs and have a motorised option so you don’t need to get up from your comfy couch. View our Awning range here.

You could also give your Alfresco area a designer feel by using curtains to minimize wind and keep some bugs out, you won’t block everything but you’re outdoor area will look classy and chic.

3. Dining Out

Every Alfresco area needs somewhere that you can wine and dine, make sure you have a good table to eat meals at and a BBQ. I’ve seen some amazing BBQ decks that consist of sinks, prep areas and fridges, if you really want to impress your guests this would be something to look into. But don’t feel the pressure of outdoor kitchens, if you have a perfectly good one inside it won’t matter walking an extra few metres to bring out the food.

4. Light it up

There’s nothing worse than sitting outside in the dark trying to eat a meal, make sure you have appropriate lighting for your outdoor area, if you have a security light that works too, make sure you invest in citronella candles to keep those mozzies away. Make sure the lights you chose compliment your area, don’t hang festival lights if you’re going for a classy chic look.

5. Bringing the Inside Outside

You want to feel as relaxed as you can outside, create an inside atmosphere in your new area by adding decor items, throws and cushions. Don’t be shy to mix your patterns and prints to suit your living style and remember your outdoor living space doesn’t need to match what’s going on inside.


These are a few of our favourite outdoor looks, enjoy

X Revona