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Sheer blinds in Top 10 Design Trends for 2014

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I’ve been looking at interior design trends around the globe and came across an article in the Wall Street Journal on the Top 10 Design Trends for 2014. Of most interest to me (I do work for a Blinds company after all!) is that the Sheers are a top trend for this year.

Window sheers: The popularity of heavy drapes is drooping. “Everyone wants greater transparency and more light,” observed New York designer Celerie Kemble. And “sheers are no longer granny-ish and polyester,” said Los Angeles designer Kim Alexandriuk. “The new ones in linen and wool look rich.” For her part, Ms. Showers is partial to “limousine cloth, a sheer wool voile,” while Ms. Burnham dresses up sheer panels with inverted box pleats “for a more tailored, masculine look.”

Intrigued I’ve started to look more into this trend….

Sheer blinds and curtains have become so popular lately that the range of products available has expanded rapidly.

We have all seen the sheer net and lacy curtains that looked good in the ’60s and ’70s with the décor of the time that remind us of our grandma’s and great grandma’s house. This is what we all think of when we hear the words ‘sheer window coverings” the fine fluttery curtain that blocks the view from the road into your house. A sheer blind is the best alternative to the old fashioned net curtain and they look modern and attractive.


The lacy sheer curtains that have been replaced with modern and sophisticated sheer blinds and curtains

Today’s sheer blinds and curtains come in arrange of soft pastels and neutral tones to let maximum light in to your home and to frame your view perfectly. Modern blinds allow you to control the glare while letting the maximum light into any room. Horizontal or Venetian style blinds are made from a soft knitted material that gives you a diffused view during the day and when closed they offer the full privacy of a traditional blind. The material still blocks damaging UV rays and specially designed room darkening shades will block out all the light and are ideal for shift workers. The materials can be fashioned into roller blinds, venetian blinds and Roman blinds to suit any home or situation.

 Venetian style blinds softly diffusing light into a room

A sheer blind allows you to take full advantage of your view and still have privacy. You are able to see out but sight into the room is blocked. The roller blinds will reflect dangerous UV rays and eliminate glare while letting light flood into your room.

Sheer roller blinds give privacy as well as letting in natural light

Sheer blinds come in a range of fabrics including wool blends and natural fibres and textures that will add to any décor in any home or apartment. Choose from a range of colours to compliment your home and soft furnishings. From neutral greys and bones to soft plums and cool blues, the colour range includes more than the traditional white. Use sheer window coverings to frame your view and compliment your home. If you are still after further window treatment you can add your favourite heavier drapes to compliment your sheer blinds or for added privacy and darkness at night.

Add your favourite curtains to your sheer blinds for a sophisticated look

You are able to have your blinds automated so at the touch of a button your darkened room can be filled with light.