Panel Glides

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Accent Blinds PANEL BLINDS​ are made using the best fabrics and components available.

PANEL GLIDE BLINDS are a versatile and elegant shading option for large windows, bi fold or sliding doors. They have a more contemporary appeal than curtains, and are essentially a modern version of vertical blinds with very wide panels.

The blinds are made from flat panels of fabric and are very simple to use. The panels cleverly slide behind each other to take up as little room as possible when open. They can be opened quickly and easily to allow access in and out of the room.

Choose from a vast array of colours, textures and designs. Match the finish to our other premium window coverings to ensure you have symmetry throughout your home.

Choose the finish of each Panel from either:

  • a plain edge (timber baton folded into the bottom of each Panel)
  • a bottom rail for that extra ‘’wow’ factor. (various standard colours only available)

Accent Blinds PANEL GLIDE BLINDS are the perfect room divider. Create a ‘’private’’ space within your home or office or section off an area within an open floor plan to save on energy.