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Article written for The Sunday Telegraph



With the warmer weather a change of decor kicks in, from interior and décor to the exterior, “we’ll see plenty vibrant colours making its way into homes” says Revona Grice, “popping accents of décor items will be visually pleasing to the eye”.

But Home makeovers won’t just focus on décor items and furniture but also the replacement of wear and tear of household items.

“Window furnishings are usually the last item thought of when it comes to home renovations however it is important to match your window furnishings to your paint colours to emphasise the look of a consistent or contrasting colour palette, depending on personal taste.” suggests Ms Grice, “they should suit your home style, whether a modern or contemporary home, window furnishings should compliment every room in your home, after all they are the home décor you see from the outside.”

Choosing the right window furnishings for your home can be tricky, you want something that suits your lifestyle, interior and exterior of your home, but also enables easy cleaning. “The two rooms that people find the most difficult to style are the bathroom and kitchen.”

“Plantation shutters are a must have for modern homes; they give off a modern clean cut look all while complimenting the exterior, waterproof shutters are the perfect investment for the bathroom and kitchen or venetian blinds for a cost effective alternative .” See our favourite looks below.