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Looking for Best Suitable Blinds? 5 Essentials One Must Consider

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hoosing the right blinds can really give the rooms in your home that wow factor. While curtains are great, blinds can really add another dimension if you choose the right type of blinds, in colours and styles that suit each individual room.

Before racing out and buying some new blinds, first take the time to consider some key points so you make the right choices.

In this post we’ll be taking a look at 5 essentials to consider for window blinds ideas so you can transform the look of your rooms.

#1 – How Much Privacy Do You Need?

The level of privacy will likely depend on which room in the home you’re considering installing blinds. Obviously in bedrooms you’ll be seeking blinds that offer a good deal of privacy, as well as blinds that block out that early morning sunlight if you want to sleep in.

You could shop for timber Venetian blinds online as these are a great choice for bedrooms, or anywhere in the home where privacy is a concern. Not only do they offer total privacy when closed, they look very contemporary and stylish as well and come in a range of styles and colours.

Vertical blinds are a common choice for just about any room in the house and are often the standard “go to” option. To jazz things up a bit you could opt for panel blinds, as many of these are made from block out materials that give you total privacy and well as stopping light entering the room when you don’t want it.

#2 – Consider the Windows

Different rooms in the house will require different types of window blinds ideas.

For example, a bedroom window might only be rather small and set quite a way up from the floor, whereas in the living room you might have sliding glass doors where you want to install some blinds.

A small set of venetian blinds that match the colour and style of the bedroom would work well, or even a nice set of Roman blinds, which are a timeless style that actually does date as far back as the Roman Empire.

With those sliding glass doors you could really install any type of blinds, even ones that operate on a small motor and open and close at the press of a button on a remote. You could opt for:

Just search online for the top trending window blinds to get some great ideas, depending on your window setup.

#3 – You Want Your Blinds To Match Your Decor

This pertains to the colour of the blinds you choose more than anything. If you focus on neutral colours such as white, cream, beige and the like you really can’t go wrong, as these colours will blend well with any colour scheme and decor in the room.

However, if you want to go for some more bold colours, then you will really want the blinds to match up with either the dominant colour of the room or the accent colour of the room.

As a quick example, if the accent colour in your living room is peach, then you might want to find some panel glides or Roman blinds in a similar colour.

#4 – Climate Control and Noise Reduction

Blinds may not be renowned for soundproofing, but they can definitely help reduce outside noise, and at the same time they can help keep warm or cool air (depending on the season) from escaping through your window glass. Alternatively they can stop the hot summer sun from penetrating the room and heating it up.

To provide this solution, seek out double roller blinds.

#5 – Formulate a Budget

Blinds come in many price ranges, depending on the quality of materials, the style of the blinds and the size of the windows they need to cover.

Before beginning your hunt for the right blinds, work out an overall budget for the project, then break it down room by room so you know how much money you actually have to spend on blinds for each room in the house.

It’ll help you plan and save you some stress in the process.