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Know Your Blinds and Make the Right Choice for Your Home

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If you’re considering installing new blinds in your home, the process of making the best choice will be much easier if you first know what types of blinds you’re looking for. In this post we’ll briefly cover some of the popular blinds on the market so you know what you need for your home.

Venetian Blinds

This style of blind is something most people are familiar with, as Venetian blinds have been a staple of the industry for many, many years. In the modern world timber Venetian window blinds are extremely popular for their organic look, elegance, simplicity and timeless style.

The slats of the blinds run horizontally, and one of the practical advantages of this style is you can adjust the angle to let in as little or as much light as you desire. Venetians also offer a great deal of privacy, and have the added benefit of adjusting the slats to direct the breeze where you want it to go.

They are easy to keep clean, simple to adjust, and along with timber, also come in a few other materials to give you some choices.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds, such as the Holland roller blind, are another very popular choice for modern homes.

A distinct advantage of roller blinds is their ease of use. Operation is really simple as roller blinds simply roll up and down. They also blend in seamlessly with more home decorative and colour schemes and are one of the most versatile types of blinds you can buy.

They are cost effective, stunning looking, and come in a range of styles, sizes and colours to suit everyone’s requirements and tastes.

Roman Blinds

As the name suggests, Roman blinds do indeed date way back to Ancient Roman times. Back in those days people used to use folded sheets of cloth to cover their windows, often dampening the material with water to keep the dust out of their homes. There were no glass windows back in those days, so people had to find other ingenious ways to protect their windows.

In the modern world Roman blinds are synonymous with elegance and class. They really do look a feature when you dress your windows up with Roman blinds.

A very contemporary look with horizontal panels, these blinds are available with a number of operating systems, such as manual operation via a chord or chain, or even motorised operation.

Panel Glides

If you’re looking for something unique with a real touch of class and diversity, then panel glides might be something you should seriously consider.

You get a lot of choices when you opt to install panel blinds, as they come in a fantastic variety of fabrics, materials and hues. They are a great choice for either windows or sliding glass doors, where the panels that make up the blinds simply slide on tracks at the top of the window.

Some people even install panel glides as a room divider, which is another really cool use for them.

The blinds are very easy to operate and the panels simply move from side to side. You can even set up a motorised system for operating panel glide blinds too if you like.

They are extremely easy to keep clean and offer good light and sound control, ensuring your room gives you the ultimate in comfort.

Vertical Blinds

The humble vertical blind is another staple in the blinds range, and one that can be found in many Australian homes and apartments.

One of the great things about vertical blinds is they can be used for small and large windows, as well as sliding glass balcony doors. Very common in rental properties, vertical blinds are super easy to operate, don’t really attract much dust, and you can angle the panels to adjust the amount of light you want to let into the room.

Outdoor Blinds

There is a range of outdoor blinds that can be used to enclose patios and balconies, protecting you from the sun and the elements while enjoying an al fresco meal or entertaining guests by the barbeque.

Many of them are the roller blind style and they look really attractive as well.