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How to Live Large in Small Spaces

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Written By: Revona Grice

Living in a smaller space doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your space. These key tips will have you living large in no time.

Mirror Mirror on the wall, or the floor…
Placing a mirror in a room will open up the room making it brighter and appear bigger. Place it on the wall, on a dresser or on the floor, if you want to get creative you can place multiple small mirrors or one large mirror.

Light, Colours, Action
When painting or using wallpaper keep in mind that you don’t want to be using dark colours or prints. Colours such as light creams, nudes and greys will make the room appear bigger and give more light. Choosing dark prints and colours will make the room look closed in and cluttered.

If you have good sized windows that bring in natural light make the most of it, use translucent blinds to bring the light in while still keeping your privacy. If these windows are in the bedroom, a blockout blind and translucent paired together will block out the early morning sun.

De-clutter, De-sign
Get rid of furniture or items you haven’t used in a while, they take up unwanted space and can make the room look small. You can re-design old pieces of furniture too if you can’t part with ‘Grans chest of drawers’ – understandable, just find a room that can cater to it, you can try the one in one out method. Small things like keeping the room tidy and clean can also help. You need to make the most of your space.

Future Furniture
Furniture isn’t just limited to a bed and bed frame; there are furniture options that cater to storage. Secret hidden storage compartments would be perfect to hide those treasured items, books or clothes that make their home thrown over a chair.

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