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Home Decor 101: Creative Ways to Transform With Window Awnings

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When people think about dressing up the windows in their homes, the first things that come to mind are curtains and blinds, possibly even internal shutters. These are all inside the home though? What about the outside?

Outdoor window awnings can be just as attractive – and useful – as curtains, blinds and shutters are inside the home.

In this post we’ll cover some ways window awnings can transform your home, as well as serve a practical purpose.

Some Practical Reasons To Consider Awnings for Your Windows

Aesthetics aside for the moment, awnings on the exterior of your windows, or even to enclose the patio area, provide some very useful solutions to common problems, such as the weather.

Let’s say you install some straight drop awnings on the perimeters of your patio. If the summer sun is dropping in the afternoon sky and basically making your patio sizzle, you can simply drop those awnings, block out the hot sun and enjoy some downtime without getting fried.

The same deal can apply to the windows in your home. Too much hot sun on the glass will definitely heat up the room on the other side, so outdoor window awnings are the answer to this common problem.

Canvas Awnings Are One of the Most Versatile

An outdoor canvas awning for windows really holds the solution to many of your window covering needs. Awnings made from this material are timeless and extremely versatile.

What’s great about canvas is it’s super strong and tough, can handle strong winds, doesn’t really suffer under the harsh Australian sun, and the material is highly water resistant. That’s everything you need for an outdoor awning.

Along with that, canvas window awnings come in many fashionable styles and colours, so you’ll definitely find the perfect match for your home’s exterior. Not only is there are great colour range to choose from, but you can also select from many different patterns as well as solid colours.

Some canvas awning styles include:

  1. Straight drop awnings
  2. Pivot arm awnings
  3. Folding arm awnings

We talked about straight drop awnings for patios. Well, there are straight drop styles designed for windows and well, and you can even use them to block out the sun and weather on those sliding glass patio or balcony doors too.

Straight drop awnings can be used on the extremities of apartment balconies, where you can drop them down to cut out the sun, or use them as a wind break so you can enjoy some balcony time without everything getting blown away.

Some More Positives About Awnings

Along with home protection and stunning looks, awnings also increase your home’s privacy factor. This can apply to both the windows, as well as closing in that patio or balcony area.

When awnings are lowered over your windows, they also help to muffle and reduce outside noise, giving you more peace and quiet, and a better night’s sleep when you have them on your bedroom windows.

You have the choice of your awnings being hand operated (more budget friendly), motorised, and you can even control your motorised outdoor awnings conveniently from inside the home.

Another key point to note is that awnings are very easy to clean. You don’t need to spend an entire weekend cleaning, or be some sort of awning cleaning professional to get the job done.

It’s best to deal with a blinds and awnings company that custom builds awnings. This way you’ll be assured of the absolute perfect fit for your windows, patio, or wherever else you need awnings.

Outdoor Awnings for Your Windows Serve a Two-Fold Purpose

Often times when awnings were used in the distant past, they were there simply to serve a purpose, and no one gave much thought (or concern) to how they actually looked.

It’s a different story in the modern world. While awnings still maintain the role of protecting your home in various ways, you want them to look great as well, and to blend in seamlessly with the aesthetics of your home, or compliment the exterior of your house.

That’s exactly what you achieve with modern day awnings: Protection from the elements along with a visually appealing appearance.

With awnings you really can’t go wrong.