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From Baby to ‘Big’ Kid

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How to transform a Nursery to Kid’s room

Written By: Revona Grice

“Oh they grow up so fast” is probably the most famous saying out of every parent’s mouth, along with growing older the transition of nappies to ballet flats and toy trucks takes place.
We’ll show you how to take your child’s room from nursery to kid’s with these few simple ideas.

Painting is a quick and easy way to transform a room from pink baby elephant stencilled walls to a neutral or white wall. This doesn’t mean that we’re creating a boring space, it means you now have a plain wall to play with, as your child goes through phases so will their room from Frozen to Buzz Lightyear to Fairies and Dinosaurs. You’ll be happy investing in easy peel, removable wall stickers, wallpaper and washable wall paint.

Why not try incorporating an activity wall or corner, this would be a great addition to any toddler room, keep them occupied and keep the mess in one place.

In every nursery comes a change table, so what happens when the table is no longer needed? You could recycle it; depending on the type of table you have, remove the change mat and store supervised toys up the top and baskets of books at the bottom or soft toys. If your child is into the arts you could change it into a crafts table.

Going from cot to bed can sometimes be a challenge, but there are ways to turn your cot into a bed for your toddler while having the benefit of adjusting the height as they get older.  There are also different styles of beds that would benefit them in the long run; a toddler bed with removable bed rails would be ideal for your child as they grow older.

Window furnishings are quite important when it comes to furnishing your growing child’s room, we would suggest opting for curtains as they’re the safer option for children and don’t require a cord. Choosing curtains would ensure that the cold and heat stays out keeping your child’s room at the right temperature, you can also chose a block out fabric that would guarantee a ‘night time’ feel when the sun is still up. At Accent we have a range of colours and fabrics to choose from to compliment any room style.

After you’ve replaced the main items in the room, start to add small décor items like frames, lights or rugs. When you make these changes remember to keep key items like their favourite toys, blankets as well as keeping similar items in the same places, for example replace the cot area with the bed, try not to rearrange their furniture too much so their surroundings are still the same.

We’ve posted some of our favourite Toddler rooms from Houzz and our favourite key pieces, take a scroll to get some inspiration.