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Everything You Need to Know About Blinds

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It might not be the first thought that comes to your mind, but blinds are among essential purchases for your home. With many blinds available in the market, choosing the right type isn’t as easy as it might seem. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for style, privacy, or both. It surely can be an overwhelming decision.

Here, this article describes a complete guide to blinds to help you through this process. The core idea is to have both decorative and functional blinds because being easy on the eyes is not enough.

Factors to Consider While Picking Out Blinds:

It is entirely your call if you want your room to look airy and bright or give it a cozy, closed-off feel. Blinds tilt off to either keep the sun out or let it in. You lose light if the blinds are closed. Depending on how much light or privacy you want in the room and at what times, you can pick out the blinds accordingly.

The whole thing boils down to the number of windows you are planning to outfit if it’s a single or all of them in the entire house. You can spend more on some windows while spending little on the others. Window treatments are usually priced according to the size, and more extensive treatments will be more costly than the smaller ones. Even custom sizes and unique fabrics featured, and patterns help shoot the price upwards.

You can always choose a style that does not involve cords if you are looking to style the kids’ room. Corded blinds can potentially be a strangulation hazard and could be avoided in such circumstances. In case you choose corded styles, make sure that the cords are not in the reach of the children and are well concealed.

In most cases, blinds do not require professional cleaning, but they could harbour dust particles. Hence, it is vital to properly clean the blinds and safeguard people with allergies residing in the house.

The style of blinds you ultimately do go for has a lot to do with your style and the vision you have for your home. Is it casual or formal? Or is it relaxed or chic? You can always opt for bold and dramatic colours for an overall fun vibe. Or you could go the subtle hues route and style them in a neutral and earthy room. You can also choose between corded or cordless styles.

Types of Blinds:

They are usually available in dark or light hues with painted or polished finishes. These blinds are ideal for dens and offices and are generally not preferred for baths or kitchens. In these areas, the moisture could potentially affect the wooden surface of the blind negatively. If you are looking to give your bedroom or living rok a soft or romantic look, wooden blinds might not be your best bet.

They are a good option if you need to conserve energy or block out light almost entirely. These blinds offer a real value for money if you want to effectively filter those sun rays as they will deliver in terms of their functionality.

These blinds are usually operated using a remote and have gained a lot of popularity lately. You can open and close the blinds at the press of the button without causing any safety hazards to your children and even pets.