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Bring Industrial into your home.

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We love the industrial look happening right now, timber tables, naked bulb light fixtures and stainless steel chairs are making their way through the interior design atmosphere.

Exposing the foundation of homes really make for an industrial look, exposed brick, pipes and cement can bring that interior design look into your home without having to do any renovation.

Pic3This look used to be for loft residents and creative professionals only; now, home owners are incorporating the industrial look into their homes.

We’ll show you what you need to pull this look off, how to add those few industrial items to your home and turn it into an industrial designer space.

A friend of mine has gone for this naked light fixture (below) in her dining room and paired it with a timber setting, giving the room an industrial feel, it also reflects a stunning roof pattern when switched on, try steel, naked or wooden light fixtures it will pick up your room and give it that wow factor.

If you haven’t laid carpet down yet, don’t worry… concrete floors are the new floorboards, this fascinating trend sees most houses polishing and staining concrete and creating a feature floor.

If you can’t take the concrete step, why not use little accents of steel, platters, plant holders, table bases or shelving, anything close to the floor will help mimic the look, you could even try a concrete colour carpet.

Using Industrial inspired décor will really make your home stand out, salvage old pieces of furniture or steel and incorporate this into your living space, pipes, crates and Old Street signs are just a few suggestions.

Brick and concrete walls are a must have if you want to pull off this look, if you are into home renovation, you could strip your walls to reveal these two elements. If you don’t want the hassle of doing this, you could try easy to apply, easy to remove wallpaper, it comes in concrete and brick designs.

Window furnishings really complete the look you’re going for, pair your new industrial look with shutters; they’re a stunning look to any home and compliment any style you’re trying to achieve. For this particular look we recommend our Pure White or Rustic Gray shades.

Bring Industrial Chic into your home.
If you love the industrial look above, but still want to keep that femininity around the place, why not try an industrial chic look, with industrial elements but still keeping your home elegant. Scroll down and be taken to a whole new level of amazement.