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Are Window Awnings Good Fit for Your Home?

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Want to know that window awnings are best fit for your home?

While the exterior considerations would obviously be different from the interior of the home, the outside of the windows should not be neglected and outdoor window awnings are the answer.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the benefits of window awnings and just why they might be a great fit for the exterior of your home.

#1 – You Have a Variety Of Awnings To Choose From

When it comes to windows there are a lot of choices nowadays, for both the interior as well as the exterior. Let’s tick off some of the types of awnings you can choose from:

Not only are there different types of awnings that provide different functionality, but you can also get your awnings in a variety of colours and materials, ensuring there will be the perfect style for your home and tastes.

#2 – Awnings Provide Added Protection For Your Windows

All types of awnings will help protect your windows to some degree. For example, Dutch hood awnings enclose the top section of the windows and can protect them from heavy rain or even light hail.

Straight drop awnings give the exterior of your windows full protection by covering all the glass surfaces when closed. Whether opened or closed, straight drop awnings look cool and stylish while adding a layer of protection against the elements.

#3 – They Look Fantastic and Really Make a Statement

All modern outdoor window awnings have been designed to be pleasing to the eye. No one wants to install anything unattractive on the exterior of their windows or their patio and with so many options and colours to choose from, you’re sure to find something that makes an eye-catching statement for your house.

Awnings will add value to your home and if you have them made to order, they’ll be the perfect fit for every window, patio or even the balcony.

#4 – More Shade For Your Windows, Keeping Your Home Cooler In Summer

While curtains and blinds on the inside of the house can certainly help block out that summer sun, having awnings on the exterior will give the windows double the protection. This means your home will stay even cooler in summer, allowing you to use air conditioners more sparingly and reduce your energy bills.

Awnings will also shade your furniture from the harsh direct sunlight, preventing it from fading and making it last and look good longer. The same can be said for your expensive carpets, rugs and other floor coverings.

#5 – Versatile and Functional

As there are different types of outdoor window awnings that provide variety in functionality, each awning design is versatile and practical. Take the folding style of awning, which can be used to form a roof over your patio area or even beside the pool. The awning can provide shade from the sun, but if you want to stargaze at night, you simply retract the awning, completely opening up the view.

Pivot arm awnings extend out and can be retracted at will. This allows you full control to let in the light and the breeze when open and they are an optimal choice for balconies and apartment living. This style of awning also makes for the perfect window insulator in hot weather.

#6 – Protect Your Patio Or Balcony

We mentioned the pivot awning above being perfect for balconies. The straight drop awning also is a smart choice for both balconies and patios.

Whether daytime or nighttime, when you have straight drop awnings installed around your patio you have the option of the space being opened up, or dropping the awnings to protect the area from the sun, wind, rain or even pesky mosquitoes.

Rather than hemming in your outdoor space with permanent walls, straight drop awnings offer the ultimate solution so you can enjoy the great Aussie outdoors all year round, no matter what the weather or time of day.