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Add the Wow Factor To Your Home With Plantation Shutters

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Plantation shutters derive their name from being commonly used in America’s deep to keep plantation homes cool in a hot climate. Although the style and concept has been around for centuries, that doesn’t mean plantation shutters are not trendy today. Quite the opposite is true, with a fantastic range on today’s market for interior plantation shutters and shutters for the exterior of your home.

In this article we’ll be taking a look at just some of the key reasons why you should consider installing window plantation shutters in your home.

You’ll Add Value To Your Home

Practically anything you do to your home to enhance it will add value, and installing plantation shutters will definitely increase both the price and the appeal of your house if you ever decide to put it on the market.

Not only do plantation shutters look great, they are very practical and, when installed on the exterior of the windows, they offer your home protection in storms.

They are a great selling point, and if you ever sell your home for more than you expected, in a way you’ll be getting your shutters for free.

The Ultimate In Privacy

Because the slats can be angled just like with Venetian blinds, plantation shutters allow you to let the air and the light in, whilst still keeping the interior of your home private, if they’re set at just the right angle.

The trick is to angle the slats in an upward direction. That way no one can see in from the outside, even if their face is right up near the window.

Let In Just the Right Amount of Light and Breeze

Just like you can control your level of privacy, the angling of the slats also enables you to let in a lot or a little bit of light, as well as being able to direct the cooling breeze and fresh air in any direction you desire.

You can also open your plantation shutters right up like small doors on the windows, letting all the light and breeze into your house.

Plantation shutters are all about practicality and versatility. You’ll wonder how you ever survived without them.

Fantastic Range of Colours To Suit Any Decor

You really can’t go wrong if you choose traditional white plantation shutters, as white is so clean and neutral it goes with everything and will never look out of place. Having said that, you can really order your shutters in any colour you desire. Some people go for a bold look, such as red or maroon. If you really want to absolutely block out light in a cinema room or a bedroom, then you can even order them in black or a very dark brown.

The choice is yours to make, but keep in mind that dark colours can make a room look smaller. However, you have the option to choose just the right colour to suit a particular room.

A Choice of Materials

The most common choice of material for plantation shutters is timber. It’s timeless, looks stunning and is very organic. You can also opt for manufactured wood, aluminium shutters, or even plastic ones if you’re on a budget.

Timber plantation shutters really look the best though.

Plantation Shutters Are Cost Effective

Once you have them installed, quality plantation shutters will serve you well for many years. They’re not expensive as it is, and when you calculate longevity into the equation, they are one of the most cost effective window dressings you can opt for.

Exterior shutters give your windows added protection too, which means far less chance of any storm damage to the glass. With plantation shutters being highly durable, they can withstand a lot of punishment from the elements.

Very Easy InstallationIf you are looking for plantation shutters Sydney, deal with a company that does it all, from measuring up your windows, making your shutters to order so they fit perfectly and suit your style, as well as handling all the installation. You’ll have the job done from start to finish, all for one handy price. All you’ll have to think about is enjoying the new look of your home.