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6 Top Reasons To Use Outdoor Roller Blinds

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These days many people are opting for blinds over curtains for the interior of their homes, but if you want something to cover and protect the windows on the outside of your home, then you’ll need to choose either awnings, shutters or outdoor roller blinds.

In this post we’ll take a closer look at outdoor blinds and the top reasons you should choose them for the exterior of your home. It’s also easy to learn more about them by looking up roller blinds online.

Let’s get started.

#1 – Outdoor Blinds Keep Your Home Cooler

Having blinds on the exterior of your windows is even more effective at keeping out the heat of the sun than installing just internal blinds. Without outdoor blinds the sun directly hits the glass and heats it up, which in turn increases the ambient temperature inside the room.

Outdoor roller blinds are the most convenient, as operation is easy and you can adjust the height and coverage of the blind as needed. For example, you can cover the window half way, blocking out the angle of the sun whilst still being able to see outside.

#2 – Manual Or Motorised Operation

Whether you are wanting indoor roller blinds or exterior ones, you have the option of either manual operation or motorised operation via a remote control. Naturally the motorised version is more expensive, but also super convenient.

Imagine you’re inside your kitchen and have motorised roller blinds installed on the outside of the windows. The sun beams in through the windows while you’re trying to prep a meal. Instead of having to go outdoors and manually lower the blinds, all you need to do is press a button on the remote control from where you are. It’s so simple.

#3 – Enclose Your Patio Area

This is like creating an outdoor room in a way. You get the best of both worlds. You might be sitting on your patio with friends and decide it’s a bit breezy or the sun is too hot. If you have outdoor roller blinds installed around your patio area, all you need to do is lower them to protect your patio space.

These blinds can even help to keep the insects out at night time, allowing you to enjoy some time outdoors even more.

Alternatively, you might have a veranda or balcony. Install roller blinds to help control the light and the breeze, even if you’re living in an apartment. Not only are roller blinds very practical, they look awesome as well.

#4 – A Great Choice of Colours

If you search for outdoor roller blinds online you’ll discover that they come in a fantastic range of fashion colours to suit everyone’s taste and colour scheme. Opt for white or black or practically any colour in between.

White always looks very clean and goes with anything. It’s also the best for reflecting sunlight and keeping the windows and home interior cool. Black and other dark colours are obviously effective at blocking out the light and work well for bedrooms and cinema rooms, internally and externally.

Those are the two extremes, but there are loads of other colours, such as blues, greens, maroon, pastels and lots more.

#5 – Roller Blinds Are Easy To Clean

For the most part your blinds will remain very clean, although light colours will obviously show up dust and dirt more than darker colours.

Cleaning your outdoor blinds usually only requires a light dusting with a soft brush or a feather duster. If the blinds require a more thorough cleaning, then some warm soapy water and a soft cloth will do the trick. Be sure to rinse the blinds clean with fresh water afterwards to really freshen them up.

Essentially, outdoor and indoor roller blinds are very low maintenance.

#6 – Do Your Blinds Shopping OnlineThe internet is a fantastic way to get ideas and inspiration in your hunt for the right blinds for you. Just search roller blinds online and you’ll see a myriad of ideas pop up. Accent Blinds can advise you on the best choice for your home, as well as make your roller blinds to order and install them. In no time you’ll be enjoying your new blinds and add value to your home.