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Buying custom curtains can be daunting with so many options to choose from.

Thankfully Accent’s friendly staff makes choosing and ordering your custom made curtains a cinch.

Accent has a simple 5-step process for selecting and ordering your custom curtains.

All you need to get started is an approximate window measurement – our qualified fitters will always do a full check measure at your house after quoting so you don’t need to worry about being pinpoint accurate.

Our curtain professionals can help guide you through the process of selecting custom curtains to meet your needs. We have dealt with the needs of thousands of customers, so please ask one of our professionals any question you may have.

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Roman Blinds
Accent's Sheer Curtains are just part of our Accent's Custom-Made Curtains range. Sheer curtains are see through curtains that dress up your window and let you appreciate your outlook but prevent prying eyes looking in* View more


Roller Blinds
Accent's Lined Curtains (One Pass) are just part of our Accent's Custom-Made Curtains range. Lined curtains have a bonded lining that blocks most light. View more


Venetian Blinds
Accent's Unlined Curtains (Light Pass) are part of Accent's Custom Curtains range. Unlined curtains come in a wide range of fabrics and be used with blinds or lining for additional blocking of sun. View more


Venetian Blinds
Accent's Sun Block Curtains are fully opaque heavy backed curtains, suitable for a wide range of applications. Particularly suitable for bedrooms where full darkness is required, and for rooms where sun protection is required for furniture. View more

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