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Accent’s Unlined Curtains (Light Pass) are part of Accent’s Custom Curtains range.

Unlined curtains come in a wide range of fabrics and be used with blinds or lining for additional blocking of sun.

Wide range of unlined Curtain Fabrics with an emphasis on interesting weaves and patterns, for 2-way viewing.

Tracks & Pleats
• Works with different Curtain Pleats: including Rolled Pleats, Curtain Eyelets, Gathered Pleats and Pinch Pleats
• Works with any Curtain Track
• Can be drawn by Hand using fabric or Flick Sticks, Child Safe Curtain Cords, or Electric Curtain Systems

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Unlined curtains soften your roomUnlined curtains soften your room

Keep privacy day and nightKeep privacy day and night

Dress your window. Just pulled to the side, use tie-backsDress your window. Just pulled to the side, use tie-backs

Reasonable costReasonable cost

See the weave front and back - textured, patterned and floral. Unlined curtains look great from the outside of your house too.


Use inlined curtains on their own, where completely blocking light is not an issue

Match with Blockout Lining in matching colours

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